You can repair air suspension shock with only $30!

With over 500+ suspension spare parts, you can easily fix air suspension shock problem without replace the whole shock!

What Else? We Have Better Repair Machine for Air strut!

Repair Machine is a Crimping Machine with seires Molds, that allows you to fix a wide range of air suspension strut. We will also provide the spare parts such as Steel Rings, Aluminum Cover, Dust Cover, Rubber Bladder and etc.

  • Available for all series Air Shock Absorber such as BMW, AUDI, MERCEDES and etc.
  • Easy to learn and operate, make your work simple and quick.

Perfect fitted high strength Molds

Different Molds for different struts, the mark in surface help you to choose the right molds.

Amazing Features To Repair Air Suspension Shock

  • Quick install and uninstall molds, save your time.
  • Touch LED screen control, quick response.
  • Foot control available, free your hands.
  • Electronic control, more precise.