PINNUO Suspension

PINNUO specialize in air suspension industry since 2003. We helped people fix their air suspension by replace it with a new one in our workshop. It will cost  about $400-800 per strut, some customers ask if we can only replace the damaged part instead of whole air strut.

To make it possible, we try many times and finally found a way to repair air suspension shock and save money. We need a special machine that  can shrink the steel rings and lock the rubber bladder and new rubber bladder and steel rings and etc.

Now we had developed the special machine and a series of replace parts for air suspension shock absorber. With these device, you can repair an air suspension shock easily and only cost $10-30.

Meet Our Team

Carl Yan
Carl YanCEO
Founder & CEO of PINNUO air suspension Co.,Ltd.
Ivy Lee
Ivy LeeSales manager
Experienced international sales, she is good at customers service and negotiation.
Tom Lee
Tom LeeMarketing
Photo processing and website design.

Our factory team members