How much does it cost to repair airmatic suspension?

New air suspension strut

  • Quick install
  • Too expensive

Normal shock absorber

  • Much cheaper
  • Easy to install

Fix air suspension strut

  • Save a lot money
  • Easy to operate
  • We can replace it with a brand new air strut from Arnott or Bilstein, it prove to be reliable but expensive.

  • Some people may like to use Normal shock absorber(not airmatic), it will be much cheaper but lost comfort.

  • Now you can fix the leak air suspension strut! In this way we could save big money and let your strut almost stay original!

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Fixing Air Suspension Shock, It's Worth Saving Big Money!

View detailed information about air suspension crimping machine.
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Repair crimping machine and die set for different air struts.

Spare parts: Rubber bladder, Steel ring, Aluminum cover and etc.

Air compressor pump and its’ parts: Seal ring, Piston and etc.

Valve unit for the air suspension compressor / air supply device.


Wonderful machine! Our customers love this way to repair there air suspension strut, and it works good! It’s lucky to learn it from your website, thanks you!
John, Strom
Thank you for you help, I bought this machine and repaired several struts. We would like to recommend it to every one who interested in repair air suspension.
Francis, Mpcar
Awesome machine! It’s easy to use and affordable. We had repair over 50 struts and they all work well. We will need more parts in the near future, please prepare for us.
Miranda, MF repair
We never know that we can fix air suspension in this way and we like it very much! It helps my customers save a lot of money, they very satisfied with our work.
Kenneth, MB-Ride
Really hope we can met you earlier! Our repair workshop become the first one that can repair air suspension shock in our city. We may need one more machine in the end of this month.
Jimenez, GTparts